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New Hybrid Connector from TSN

April 23,2019

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Within the context of Cold Formed Steel, a Hybrid Connector is defined as a clip that has more than one use. There are only a handful of these versatile clips on the market, and today we are adding another one. Our original model for this clip was the Masterclip® VLB600. After continued requests from customers, we have decided to launch the next size up from VLB600, the VLB800, designed for 8” studs.

The Masterclip VLB

The Masterclip® VLB connects exterior curtain wall studs, bypassing the building structure, back to the edge of the slab. It is considered a hybrid because it can be used as either a rigid connector or as a vertical deflection clip.

Because of the way the hybrid clip is produced, it is actually less expensive than the regular deflection clip. The built-in bushings cost less than the regular, added bushings, and they do not require a human element to tape them in place. This cost savings is passed on to the consumer, leading to a highly functional, but discounted clip.

Advantages of Hybrid Clips

The Advantages of hybrid clips primarily have to do with material efficiency. The less line items on a material order, the simpler it is for everyone. Ordering mistakes happen every day. Simplifying the number of items is an easy way to reduce ordering mistakes.
Ending up with extra material when a job is completed is a common problem with most construction professionals. When hybrid clips are being used, this problem is reduced, and there is a higher chance that you will be able to make use of this material on your next job.


Cold Formed Steel connectors make up a small part of the materials expense for a building, but the costs still add up over the lifetime of your projects. If you look at the material efficiency and labor efficiency of a standard clip vs. a hybrid clip, you will see that the expenses pile up over time. If you haven’t tried a hybrid clip, it might be time.

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