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Buy Steel Network Clips Online

August 21,2018

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TSN now offers an Online Store to make the process of buying cold formed steel for your project easier than ever. Ordering metal stud clips has never been this convenient or streamlined. No more waiting for a sales person to get back to you, following up on orders to get tracking information, or wondering if your pricing is correct.

Order with confidence, order right away, with The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN) online store.

3 Reasons you should create an account right now

1. Free Shipping

Probably everyone's favorite online store feature. Shipping is free on full box quantities of steel stud framing clips.

Cold Formed Steel Online Store 

2. Convenience

Our Store is Open 24/7: Place your order when it's most convenient, not just when your sales rep is available. 

Updated Pring Information: Don't worry about getting the correct pricing from your rep. Pricing is automatically updated on the online store.

See Lead Times: No more waiting in suspense. Instantly see when your order will arive. If we are temporarily out of that item, this will be reflected in lead time displayed on the website. 

 Light Steel Framing Buy Clips 

3. Streamline the Ordering Process

Less Errors:Filling out an order form or giving an order verbally can lead to your order getting lost. One email gets missed, someone gets distracted, and poof, their goes your order. With the online store, you will never have this issue. Orders can't get lost becuase they are placed instantly.

Track Orders: Customers want to stay informed at every step of the process. With order tracking, you will never have to wonder where your order is. You will have the tracking information in your email as soon as the order ships.

Duplicate Orders: A common issue we see with organizations is duplicate orders. Two people at the same location order the same thing by accident. With the online store you can see your order history for your location. Never duplicate an order again.

Order History: Can't remember the name of that LSF clip you bought last time? Just check your order history and reorder with the click of a button.  

Create Your Account Today!

If you’re not already using the online store, click here to create an account, and receive 5% off your first order using Discount Code: AUG18NewC (new companies/branches only)