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One-Screw BridgeClip

August 14,2019

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For over two decades The Steel Network’s renowned bridging connector, BridgeClip®, has revolutionized the design and installation of cold-formed steel bridging. Today we are pleased to announce that there have been two major changes to the BridgeClip®.

  1. BridgeClip® is 30% Stronger
    BridgeClip® is now made in a 43 mil material thickness variant, which provides an average of 30% higher allowable loads. This improvement will enable structural engineers to specify this popular clip on a larger list of projects.

  2. BridgeClip® Required Only ONE Screw
    Over the years it’s been widely understood and accepted that only one screw is needed for attachment of the clip to the bridging element; yet, the original BridgeClip® product has always had dual guide holes to provide multiple connections options. To simplify installation for contractors, The Steel Network has now updated the design to include only one single guide hole.

The Steel Network has a solid reputation of helping our customers protect liability and maximize labor savings by providing superior cold-formed steel members and connectors. The new 43 mil 1-screw BridgeClip® serves as a reminder of our commitment to the industry. When you specify BridgeClip® you have the security of knowing that the industry's most favored bridging connector has now evolved to be better than ever.