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Cold-Formed Framing/LSF Details

The Steel Network has been widely known in the industry for manufacturing high quality cold-formed steel members and connectors while providing extraordinary resources to aid in the planning, design, estimating, and construction of light steel framing projects. Since CAD details streamline the process of cold-formed steel product integration, we have created an extensive CAD library of dwg files that covers various steel framing conditions.

To comply with the fire-resistant standards of the industry, the performance of The Steel Network’s products in a fire rated wall assembly have been highly scrutinized and thoroughly tested.  Our collection of HW-D details includes TSN’s products which are approved for use in UL® Classified Head of Wall Assemblies (VertiClip® SLD and DSLD; and VertiTrack® VTD, VTX, and VT). 

Our cold-formed steel CAD Framing details and Fire Rated details are available to fine-tune the building’s design, and to meet safety requirements in the most cost-effective way.  The two links below will allow you to search and download the most current fire rated details and CAD Framing details for a vast number of cold-formed steel framing applications.