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US Patent #6,701,689

BridgeBar® replaces cold-rolled channel (CRC) for wall bridging. Unique grooves every 4” trap stud web to allow installers to space any type of wall layout. The grooves adjust to various stud thickness to trap the stud web for maximum strength. BridgeBar incorporates stiffeners to resist compressive loads through the plane of the wall. BridgeBar’s standard U-channel shape ensures use through ¾” and 1½” stud punchouts.


  • Fast installation
  • Notches every 4" accommodate 8", 12", 16", 24" centers
  • No clamping
  • No welding
  • Load rated assembly
  • 52-inch length allows for 4" lap at joints for continuous walls
  • Guide holes for placement when BridgeClip® is used
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Product Information


Material Composition

BB75: ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 33 (230) Type H, ST33H (ST230H): 33ksi (230MPa) minimum yield strength 45ksi (310MPa) minimum tensile strength, 28mil minimum thickness (22 gauge, 0.0295" design thickness) with ASTM A653/A653M G60 (Z180) hot dipped galvanized coating.

BB150: ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 50 (340) Type H, ST50H (ST340H): 50ksi (340MPa) minimum yield strength, 65ksi (450MPa) minimum tensile strength, 33mil minimum thickness (20 gauge, 0.0346" design thickness) with ASTM A653/A653M G90 (Z275) hot dipped galvanized coating.

  1. Run BridgeBar through stud punchouts.
  2. Locate grooves at bottom of punchout and press down into place.

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BridgeBar’s 52” length allows for a 4” overlap at joints.  Simply fit one end over the other and line up the guide holes for quick & easy placement of screw(s).  Joint locations maintain stud spacing as designed through length of the wall system.

Order Information
Designation Qty/Box Lbs/Box Qty/Skid Lbs/Skid
BB75 50 49 2,000 1,960
BB150 50 70 1,250 1,750


BridgeBar is available in ¾" and 1½" widths. Designations are BB75 and BB150.

Example: Stud with ¾" knockout
Designate: BB75

BridgeBar Dimensions
BridgeBar® Effective Section Properties(1)
Section Minimum Thickness (in) Design Thickness (in) Yield Strength (ksi) Area Ix Sx Rx Iy Ry
(in2) (in4) (in3) (in) (in4) (in)
BB75 0.028 0.0295 33 0.031 0.0021 0.006 0.261 0.0002 0.073
BB150 0.0329 0.0346 50 0.068 0.0174 0.023 0.506 0.0007 0.104
BridgeBar® Effective Section Properties and Allowable Loads(2), (3), (4)
Section Minimum Thickness (in) Design Thickness (in) Yield Strength (ksi) Sxe Ma
12" o.c. 16" o.c. 24" o.c.
Ae Pa Ae Pa Ae Pa
(in3) in-kips (ft-lb) (in2) (lbs) (in2) (lbs) (in2) (lbs)
BB75 0.028 0.0295 33 0.006 0.11 (9.3) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
BB150 0.0329 0.0346 50 0.023 0.69 (57.9) 0.079 1,459 0.081 1,172 0.081 566
  • Use BridgeClip® for a quick & easy method of securing BridgeBar to stud (when required)
  • Resists compressive loads through the plane of the wall
  • Use through ¾" and 1½" stud punchouts.
(1) Gross section properties are calculated based on the minimum dimensions of the cross section.
(2) Effective section properties and allowable loads for BridgeBar are calculated based on AISI S100-2007 Specification.
(3) Effective section modulus (Sxe) is calculated based on the minimum dimensions of the cross section.
(4) Effective area (Ae) and allowable axial load (Pa) are calculated based on the average dimensions of the cross section.
Cross Sections
BB75 Dimensions
BB150 Dimensions
Load Direction

Securing Bar to Stud

When loads require attachment of BridgeBar to stud, consider the screw shear allowables below for connection of BridgeClip to stud and BridgeBar.

Section Design Thickness (in) Yield Strength (ksi) Allowable Shear/Screw
#8 Screw (lbs) #10 Screw (lbs)
BB150 0.0346 50 237 255

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