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Custom Cold Formed Steel Connectors

Cold Formed Steel Connections - Custom VertiClip SLB

The Steel Network is equipped to manufacture cold-formed steel connections of any size and shape for all types of applications and specifications, with any angle, shape, pitch or slope. We create effective and efficient solutions every day for a wide range of construction and manufacturing companies.

Some examples of our manufacturing capabilities of custom connectors are shown below under the Example Details tab.  Please allow reasonable time for production. Structural testing is available upon request.  Contact your TSN Sales Representative today for assistance designing your custom products for special applications or requirements!

Example Customization Available:

  • Angles, steel connectors, shields, clips, brackets, lintels, corner guards and more!
  • Place Step Bushings anywhere in clip slots
  • Solve problems in new or retrofit construction
  • Pre-punch holes in clips for fastener efficiency
  • Ability to manufacture any shape, angle pitch or slope
  • Any thickness up to & including 10ga (118mil)
  • Mill certified, traceable materials
  • Alternate materials such as stainless steel and hot rolled steel
  • Structural testing available
  • Competitive costs
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Product Information

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Material Composition

ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 50 (345) 50ksi (345MPa) minimum yield strength, 65ksi (450MPa) minimum tensile strength, with ASTM A653/A653M G90 (Z275) hot dipped galvanized coating. Available in 33mil minimum thickness (20 gauge, 0.0346” design thickness), 43mil minimum thickness (18 gauge, 0.0451” design thickness), 54mil minimum thickness (16 gauge, 0.0566” design thickness), 68mil minimum thickness (14 gauge, 0.0713” design thickness), 97mil minimum thickness (12 gauge, 0.1017” design thickness) or 118 mil minimum thickness (10 gauge, 0.1242” design thickness).


Custom VertiClip® SLS (extra long): Retrofit situation where a stud does not run full height, creating a situation where a modified VertiClip SLS was lengthened to bridge a large gap from the structure of 26".


Custom VertiTrak® VTD (VertiClip® SLD with Elongated Slots): VertiTrack VTD modified to accommodate 4" slots in VertiClip SLD provides an effective, efficient solution for large demising walls typically seen in retail stores and theaters.


Custom VertiClip® SLB: Unique condition brought to TSN by Specialty Engineer. TSN helped design a solution and test & fabricate clips.


Custom VertiClip® Splice (Notched): Unique condition brought to TSN by Specialty Engineer. TSN helped design a solution and test & fabricate clips.


Custom VertiClip® Splice (Angled): Unique condition brought to TSN by Specialty Engineer. TSN helped design a solution and test & fabricate clips.


Custom VertiClip® Splice: Connector for parallel wall studs. One stud rigidly attached to wall stud. The other stud accommodates vertical deflection of the primary structural frame.


Custom VertiClip® SL with 4 slots


Custom Angle made with Quarter Inch Stainless Steel

TSN's Product Catalogs are an essential resource for the design of cold formed steel.  Developed by Engineers, the catalogs contain design data for members, connectors, and fasteners.

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