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US Patent #7,832,162

DriftCorner® is a simple solution for accommodating lateral drift at the corner of a wall. By positioning 2.625” horizontal slots vertically every 12” on each side of a 6.25"x6.25" angle and including pre-installed step bushings, up to 2” of lateral drift at corners can now be accommodated. Manufactured from mill-certified steel coated G90, DriftCorner may be utilized in either infill or bypass conditions.

Use DriftCorner in conjunction with the DriftClip® or DriftTrak® series for a complete solution to vertical deflection and lateral movement of the structure. Contact TSN’s Technical Services Team at for design recommendations.


  • Prevents wall separation or collision at building corners during seismic events
  • Accommodates orthogonal building drift at corner zones
  • Step bushings are all pre-installed
  • May be used with a variety of common sheathing components
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Product Information

DriftCorner Application

Material Composition

ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 33 (230) Type H, ST33H (ST230H): 33ksi (230MPa) minimum yield strength, 45ksi (310MPa) minimum tensile strength, 33mil minimum thickness (20 gauge, 0.0346" design thickness) with ASTM A653/A653M G90 (Z275) hot dipped galvanized coating.

  1. Attach steel framing to structure with drift connection. Do not place stud framing within stud depth at corner. Attach sheathing as specified.
  2. Place DriftCorner® at the building corner.
    Note: If using gypsum board sheathing, , place 1.5" x 5.5" x 33mil (20ga) angle behind the sheathing on each side of the DriftCorner to allow for sufficient screw purchase.
  3. Attach DriftCorner using the provided through the Step Bushings.
Order Information DriftCorner Dimensions Height
Designation Lbs/Piece Qty/Skid Feet/Skid Lbs/Skid
DriftCorner® 20.7 25 300 518
DriftCorner is made in one size and is designated DriftCorner®. TSN_DriftCorner_Dimensions_angle
Important Considerations  

Attachment of DriftCorner is made with #8 screws through pre-installed step bushings. Screws are not included since screw length and type will vary with the thickness and type of sheathing used. If using gypsum board (or similar) sheathing, install 1.5"x9"x43mil (18ga) angle behind the sheathing on each side of the DriftCorner to allow for proper screw placement and penetration. Shown below are two detailed examples of DriftCorner application. If requested, TSN will provide the backing angle with DriftCorner. For ½" sheathing with 43mil backing angle, use 1" long screws. For thicker sheathing, use 1 ½" long screws.

  • DriftCorner may be utilized in either infill or bypass conditions.
  • 2.625" horizontal slots are positioned vertically every 12" on each leg of a 12ft long angle.
  • Each slot has a pre-installed Step-Bushing designed for use with a #8 screw. (Screws are not Included)
  • Provides up to 2" of lateral drift at corners.
DriftCorner® at Slab Bypass: DriftCorner® at Infill Framing:
Bypass_DSLB_with_Non-Support_Sheathing HOW_DSL_with_Non-Support_Sheathing
Bypass Condition using DriftClip® DSLB with Non-Supportive Sheathing Such as Gypsum Bypass Condition using DriftClip® DSL with Non-Supportive Sheathing Such as Gypsum

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