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SigmaStud® Web RFT


Any larger holes cut into SigmaStud® require a review by the engineer, as load capacity is based on the existence of standard punchout sizes. With the realization that additional holes do manage to appear in studs, TSN provides the SigmaStud (SG) Web RFT to provide reinforcement of a hole or holes added to the stud web during construction, when holes larger than the standard knockout are introduced into the web of the member. Use of the SG Web RFT ensures that the load capacity of the stud is not compromised when these types of oversized holes are present.


  • No loss of stud strength when using the SigmaStud Web RFT with up to a 3" hole.
  • Each SigmaStud Web RFT contains 12 pre-drilled guide holes in the center section and 12 in the outside flanges, 6 per side, to ensure proper placement of the (24) #12 self-drilling self-tapping screws required.
  • Contact TSN’s Project Management Team at (888) 474-4876 for more recommendations.
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Product Information


Material Composition

ASTM A1003/A1003M or ASTM A653/A653M, G-60 (Z180) minimum hot-dipped galvanized coating; or equivalent. Grade 50 (340), 50ksi (340 MPa) minimum yield strength, 65ksi (450 MPa) minimum tensile strength.

  1. Cut SigmaStud® web punch out to specified size
  2. Align SigmaStud Web RFT with SigmaStud punch-out
  3. Install (24) #12 self-drilling screws through guide holes.
  4. When access to guide holes is limited, install screws BETWEEN guide holes from the opposite side.

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SigmaStud® Web RFT is available in 54 or 97 mil thicknesses, and is designed for use with 550 & greater sized SigmaStud.

Designate: SG Web RFT-54 or SG Web RFT-97

* Use SG Web RFT-54 for SigmaStud 54mil and lower. Use SG Web RFT-97 for SigmaStud 68mil and higher.
** Contact TSN Engineering for specific recommendations.
*** Each SigmaStud Web RFT contains 12 pre-drilled guide holes in the center section, 12 additional screws are required in the outside flanges, 6 per side.
**** Non standard holes may not exceed half of stud depth.  All modifications to SigmaStud must be reviewed by a structural engineer.


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