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StiffClip® FS

StiffClip FS

StiffClip® FS series connects wall studs for a vertical uplift load transfer through the floor system. StiffClip FS resists tension forces only. The allowable design load table shown below is based on the use of StiffClip FS only. Number of fasteners used is based on fastener manufacturer’s allowable load data.


  • Mill certified 50ksi steel
  • Guide holes for attachment to wall studs (0.172” dia.)
  • Structurally load tested
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Product Information

StiffClip FS Application image.png

Material Composition

ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 50 (340) Type H, ST50H (ST340H): 50ksi (340MPa) minimum yield strength, 65ksi (450MPa) minimum tensile strength, with ASTM A653/A653M G90 (Z275) hot dipped galvanized coating.

  1. Place StiffClip FS flat against aligned wall studs.
  2. Attach StiffClip FS to wall studs with approved screws through guide holes
Order Information: Available Thicknesses
Mils Gauge Decimal (in)
33 20 0.0346
43 18 0.0451
54 16 0.0566
68 14 0.0713
97 12 0.1017


StiffClip FS is designated by the width of the strap in inches followed by strap thickness in mils.

Example: 16ga, 2¾” strap, 24” long
Designate: StiffClip® FS275-54-24

* Guide holes located 1/2" from each end, with ⅜" edge distance at 2" o.c. staggered for FS125 and 0.75" edge distance at 2" o.c. staggered for FS275. Additional guide holes for fasteners available upon request.
** Sizes shown in table are typical, but can vary. StiffClip FS is usually made to order. Contact TSN for additional pricing, quantity and order information

StiffClip FS Dimensions
StiffClip® FS Recommended Allowable Load (lbs): F3
Designation Load
FS125-33 1,163
FS125-43 1,516
FS125-54 1,902
FS125-68 2,396
FS125-97 3,418
FS275-33 2,849
FS275-43 3,713
FS275-54 4,660
FS275-68 5,871
FS275-97 8,374


  • StiffClip FS resists tension forces only.
  • Design loads based on strap capacity only.
  • Allowable loads have not been increased for wind, seismic, or other factors.
  • Number of fasteners used is based on fastener manufacturer's allowable load data.
  • Guide holes located ½" from each end, with ⅜" distance at 2" o.c. staggered for FS125 and ¾" edge distance at 2" o.c. staggered for FS275.

Load Direction


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