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StiffClip® LB-HD

StiffClip LB-HD

The StiffClip® LB-HD connects exterior wall studs to the building's structure such as with a spandrel wall slab bypass condition. LB-HD uses a unique design incorporating strengthening return lips and ribs to increase bending strength. StiffClip LB-HD resists both horizontal and vertical loads. Pre-punched guide holes on each leg allow for greater installation efficiency. For applications where PAF's are not permitted, the LB-HD allows clip connection to the concrete deck of the primary structure using two ¼" concrete screw anchors.


  • Only certified, 50ksi steel is used
  • Both legs have stiffening features incorporated
  • Allows attachment to concrete slabs without the use of PAF's
  • Structurally load tested in both horizontal and vertical load conditions
  • Guide holes for quick and accurate placement of fasteners to the stud and structure
  • Replaces expensive bracing
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Product Information

StiffClip LB-HD Application Image

Material Composition

ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 50 (340) Type H, ST50H (ST340H): 50ksi (340 MPa) minimum yield strength, 65ksi minimum tensile strength, 68mil minimum thickness (14 gauge, 0.0713" design thickness) with ASTM A653/653M G90 (Z275) hot dipped galvanized coating.

  1. Secure LB-HD to pour stop with engineered attachment.
  2. Connect clip to stud with screws provided.

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Order Information
Designation Qty/Box Lbs/Box Qty/Skid Lbs/Skid
LB600-HD 50 38 2,250 1,710


StiffClip LB-HD is designed to be used with 6" studs and is designated StiffClip® LB-HD.

StiffClip LB-HD Dimensions
StiffClip® LB600-HD, Recommended Allowable Load (lbs): F1, F2 & F3
Stud F1 Allowable (ASD) Loads F2 Allowable (ASD) Loads F3 Allowable (ASD) Loads
Thickness mils (ga) Yield Strength (ksi) w/3-61 #12 Screws w/3 #12 Screws w/4 #12 Screws w/6 #12 Screws w/3 #12 Screws w/4 #12 Screws w/6 #12 Screws
33 (20) 33 191 524 754 1,130 318 450 599
43 (18) 33 248 780 1,122 1,130 474 670 892
54 (16) 33 312 1,096 1,130 1,130 666 942 1,254
54 (16) 50 450 1,130 1,130 1,130 962 1,361 1,811
68 (14) 50 567 1,130 1,130 1,130 1,361 1,924 1,966
97 (12) 50 809 1,130 1,130 1,130 1,435 1,966 1,966
Maximum Allowable Clip Load 857 1,130 1,966
1 Only two screws near clip support are considered effective
  • Fasten within ¾" from the angle heel (centerline of the 1 ½" leg) to minimize eccentric load transfer.
  • Guide holes for stud connection are 0.172" diameter for #12 screws. Guide holes for structure connection are 0.375" diameter for (2) ¼" concrete screws.
  • StiffClip LB-HD resists both horizontal and vertical loads.
  • Allowable loads have not been increased for wind, seismic, or other factors.
  • Loads listed reflect force in a single direction. When multiple loads act on the connection, it is the responsibility of the designer to check the interaction of forces.
  • The recommended allowable load is for the clip and attachment to the stud only. The design professional must design attachment to the primary structure.
  • Torsional effects are considered on screw group for F2 & F3 allowable loads. It is assumed that half of the torsional moment is taken by the connection to the structure and half is taken by the connection to the stud.
Screw Patterns

StiffClip LB-HD Screw Patterns

Load Direction

StiffClip LB-HD Load Direction

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