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StiffClip® PL

StiffClip PL

StiffClip® PL connects truss framing members in the same plane. Prepunched holes enable the installer to accurately and consistently maintain minimum edge distance and overall screw placement. Clip sizes vary with each application. Number and size of fasteners used is based on fastener manufacturer’s allowable load data.


  • Guide holes for quick attachment to framing members
  • No time and expense spent cutting steel shapes
  • Utilizes certified, 50ksi steel
  • Guide holes are 0.172” in diameter unless specified.
  • Guide holes have ½" minimum edge distance and spacing of 1", 1 ½" or 2".
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Product Information


Material Composition

ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 50 (340) Type H, ST50H (ST340H): 50ksi (340MPa) minimum yield strength, 65ksi (450MPa) minimum tensile strength, with ASTM A653/A653M G90 (Z275) hot dipped galvanized coating.

  1. Place StiffClip PL on framing member chords and/or webs as designed.
  2. Attach StiffClip PL to framing members with symmetrically placed required number of screws.
Order Information

StiffClip PL is made to order per project specifications. Contact TSN for pricing and order information.

Mils Gauge Decimal (in)
33 20 0.0346
43 18 0.0451
54 16 0.0566
68 14 0.0713
97 12 0.1017
118 10 0.1242


StiffClip PL is available in many different shapes and is designated as width x length - material thickness.

Example: 10" wide x 24" long with 68 mil thickness
Designate: StiffClip® PL10x 24-68

* Clip sizes vary within each application
** StiffClip PL are typically made to order per project specifications.
*** Call TSN today for pricing and order information!

StiffClip PL Dimensions

Allowable Loads

Plates used to connect framing are generally considered as pinned joints. Load transfers through screw or welded connections between members.


  • All guide holes may not require fasteners. Number and size of fasteners used is based on fastener manufacturer's allowable load data, and is to be determined by designer.
  • Guide holes are 0.172" in diameter unless specified.
  • Guide holes have ½" minimum edge distance and 1" minimum spacing. Spacing will vary based on plate size and specified project requirements.

Load Directions


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