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StiffClip® TD

StiffClip TD

Patent Pending

The StiffClip® TD series’ unique design allows for the anchoring of wood or steel studs to the foundation incorporating a ¾” steel stiffening plate for strength.

StiffClip TD resists vertical uplift loads for an effective solution in wall stud tie-downs or as the anchorage component in conventional, strap/gusset-plate shear wall construction. The allowable design load table is based on the use of StiffClip TD as it is attached to various steel stud wall material thicknesses and yield strengths. Allowable loads consider loads on the clip and screw fasteners to the stud web.

Pre-drilled holes for attachments to both deck and stud provide installers with increased efficiency. The designed attachment of StiffClip to the primary structure is dependent upon the base material’s properties (e.g. steel or concrete) and the design configuration.


  • Guide holes for connections to stud and deck
  • Stiffening plate for additional strength
  • Clip utilizes certified, 60ksi steel
  • Reduces material (replaces heavy steel angles)
  • Extensively tested
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Product Information

Wood Stud Tie Down
Steel Stud Tie Down
Shear Wall Column Anchor
(Wood Framing)
X-Brace Shear Wall Column Anchor
(Steel Framing)
Joist/Truss Top Chord Anchor
Medical Equipment Anchor
Tension Tie Anchor

Material Composition

Clip Steel: ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 60 (410) Type H, ST60H (ST410H): 60ksi (410MPa) minimum yield strength, 70ksi (480MPa) minimum tensile strength, 118mil minimum thickness (10 gauge, 0.1242" design thickness) with ASTM A653/A653M G90 (Z275) hot dipped galvanized coating.

TD Plate: ASTM A36/A36M: 36ksi (250MPa) minimum yield strength, 58-80ksi (400-550MPa) minimum tensile strength, ASTM B633 Type II Yellow Zinc Coating, Paint, Powder Coating, or E-Coating, or approved equivalent.

  1. Place StiffClip TD at bottom of stud and attach clip to deck with approved anchor.
  2. Secure clip to stud with required amount of symmetrically placed #12 screw fasteners

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Order Information
Designation Qty/Box Lbs/Box Qty/Skid Lbs/Skid
StiffClip® TD 25 54 1,125 2,408


StiffClip TD is available in one size and utilizes a 0.75" plate on top of the 2.375" leg

Designate: StiffClip® TD.

StiffClip TD Dimensions
StiffClip® TD, Recommended Allowable Load for Steel Framing (lbs): F3
Stud w/12 #12 Screws w/18 #12 Screws w/27 #12 Screws
Thickness Mils (ga) Yield Strength (ksi)
33 (20) 33 2,261 3,391 5,087
33 (20) 50 3,266 4,900 7,349
43 (18) 33 3,365 5,047 7,571
43 (18) 50 4,861 7,292 10,718
54 (16) 33 4,732 7,097 10,646
54 (16) 50 6,834 10,251 10,718
68 (14) 50 9,662 10,718 10,718
97 (12) 50 10,188 10,718 10,718
Maximum Allowable Clip Load 10,718

StiffClip® TD, Recommended Allowable Load for Wood Framing (lbs): F3
Fastener Type Douglas Fir / Southern Pine Spruce Pine-Fir / Hem-Fir
Quantity of Fasteners Quantity of Fasteners
12 18 27 12 18 27
10d 2846 4,268 6,403 2,465 3,698 5,547
16d 3,279 4,919 7,378 2,838 4,257 6,386
#12 Wood Screw 3,451 5,177 7,766 3,046 4,569 6,854
Maximum Allowable Clip Load 10,718 10,718


  • Fasten within 1.25" from the angle heel using the existing anchor hole.
  • Guide holes are in place for fastener installation efficiency. The number of fasteners are determined by the designer.
  • Attachment to stud is made with up to 27 #12 screws, symmetrically placed.
  • StiffClip TD resists vertical uplift loads.
  • Allowable loads for steel framing have not been increased for wind, seismic, or other factors.
  • Allowable shear for nails is increased 60% for wind and seismic loads in wood framing.
  • For wood, moisture content > 19%. Consult The Steel Network, Inc. for reductions to values.
Load Direction

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