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ThermaFast® Z-Track


ThermaFast® Z-Track is a component of TSN's ThermaFast Rigid Insulation Framing System, used in conjunction with ThermaFast J-Track and Corner Angle to secure rigid foam insulation simply and quickly. It is installed between every 24" rigid foam insulation and incorporates bumps to engage and hold foam in place during installation. 1" thermal tape comes preinstalled to each track.


  • Rigid insulation foam engagement feature keeps rigid insulation from sliding or popping out of place without the need for specialty fasteners with washers
  • Utilizes typical screws to attach rigid foam insulation
  • Wide flanges for increased target area for screws when installing sheathing or alternative finishes
  • Thermal tape pre-installed for universal application
  • Mill-certified high strength steel and added galvanized coating layer
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Product Information


Metal: ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 50 (340) Type H, ST50H (ST340H): 50ksi (340MPa) minimum yield strength, 65ksi(450MPa) minimum tensile strength, with ASTM A653/A653M G90 (Z275) hot dipped galvanized coating. Available in 33mil minimum thickness (20 gauge, 0.0346” design thickness) or 54mil minimum thickness (16 gauge, 0.0566” design thickness).

Thermal Tape: Thickness 1/16”, Density 15 lbs/ft3 (ASTM D-1667), Thermal Conductivity k-factor 0.3 (ASTM C-518)

TSN_ThermaFast_Z-Track_Shape Key.png
ThermaFast® Z-Track Product Profile
Section Leg 1 Length Leg 2 Length Foam Depth Gauge Design Thickness Min Steel Thickness Inside Bend Radius Weight
(in) (in) (in) (ga) (in) (in) (R) (lbs/ft)
100ZT-33, 50ksi 1.5 1.5 1.0 20 0.0346 0.0329 0.0764 0.46
150ZT-33, 50ksi 1.5 0.52
200ZT-33, 50ksi 2.0 0.58
300ZT-33, 50ksi 3.0 0.69
400ZT-33, 50ksi 4.0 0.80
100ZT-54, 50ksi 1.5 1.5 1.0 16 0.0566 0.0538 0.0849 0.77
150ZT-54, 50ksi 1.5 0.86
200ZT-54, 50ksi 2.0 0.85
300ZT-54, 50ksi 3.0 1.13
400ZT-54, 50ksi 4.0 1.32
TSN_ThermaFast_Z-Track_Shape Key.png
ThermaFast® Z-Track Order Information
Section length/pc qty/skid lbs/ft lbs/skid
100ZT-33, 50ksi 12' 200 0.46 1,230
150ZT-33, 50ksi 0.52 1,374
200ZT-33, 50ksi 0.58 1,518
300ZT-33, 50ksi 0.69 1,782
400ZT-33, 50ksi 0.80 2,046
100ZT-54, 50ksi 12' 200 0.77 1,974
150ZT-54, 50ksi 0.86 2,190
200ZT-54, 50ksi 0.85 2,166
300ZT-54, 50ksi 1.13 2,838
400ZT-54, 50ksi 1.32 3,294
TSN_ThermaFast_Z-Track_Shape Key.png
ThermaFast® Z-Track Section Properties
Section Mxa Mya
(kips-in) (kips-in)
100ZT-33, 50ksi 0.78 0.74
150ZT-33, 50ksi 0.78 1.33
200ZT-33, 50ksi 0.78 1.75
300ZT-33, 50ksi 0.78 2.81
400ZT-33, 50ksi 0.78 3.96
100ZT-54, 50ksi 1.86 1.65
150ZT-54, 50ksi 1.86 3.13
200ZT-54, 50ksi 1.86 4.22
300ZT-54, 50ksi 1.86 6.80
400ZT-54, 50ksi 1.86 9.64
Table Notes
  • Mxa is the ASD moment capacity in the gravity load direction based on 24” o.c. fastening to stud max.
  • Mya is the ASD moment capacity in the wind load direction based on 24” o.c. fastening to stud max.
  • Attach track with minimum (1) #10-16 self-drilling screws to each stud. (2) screws may be required for high design wind pressures (higher than 30 psf service level)
  • Refer to project specification and/or architectural sections for wall assembly details related to fire and acoustical performance as well as water resistance.

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