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VertiClip® SLF

VertiClip SLF
US Patent # 8,511,032

The VertiClip® SLF is used to accommodate vertical deflection requirements for connections between light steel framing and the primary structural system in a bypass condition when the stud web is inaccessible. VertiClip SLF allows up to 1½” of vertical deflection (¾”up and ¾” down). Pre-installed step-bushings in a vertical slot maintain a positive attachment between the clip and stud, and ensure movement allowance between them preventing the transfer of any vertical forces into non-load bearing steel studs. VertiClip SLF allows up to 1½” of offset between the stud and building structure and may be used with studs having 1⅝”.  VertiClip SLF for use with 2” stud flanges can be made as a custom part.

Quality Features

  • Positive, mechanical attachment
  • Only certified, 50ksi steel is used
  • Step Bushings pre-installed for accurate placement
  • Rated screws provided

Labor Benefits

  • Screw connection can be made from the decking through the stud flange when screw gun access to the web is not possible.
  • Aligns wall studs quickly and easily by accounting for construction tolerances.
  • Attaches to structure with PAF, anchors or welds.
  • Symmetric design allows clip to work with studs facing either direction.
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Product Information

Material Composition

ASTM A1003/A1003M Structural Grade 50 (340) Type H, ST50H (ST340H): 50ksi (340 MPa) minimum yield strength, 65ksi (450 MPa) minimum tensile strength, 68mil minimum thickness (14 gauge, 0.0713" design thickness) with ASTM A653/653M G90 (Z275) hot dipped galvanized coating.

The attachment of VertiClip to the primary structure may be made with PAFs, screw/bolt anchors or weld and is dependent upon the base material (steel or concrete) and the design configuration.

VertiClip SLF Application
VertiClip® SLF used with TSN’s BridgeBar® & BridgeClip® installed within 12” from the clip.
VertiClip SLF Application with FlatStrap
VertiClip® SLF used with one flat strap bracing on the outer flange of studs to resist torsional effects.
  1. Attach VertiClip® SLF to structure with required fastener quantity, spacing and edge distance.
  2. Ensure that the stud’s return bend is fully seated in the clip.
  3. Fasten SLF to stud with provided screws through step bushings.

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Order Information
Designation Qty/Box Lbs/Box Pcs/Skid Lbs/Skid
VertiClip SLF162 25 23 1125 1035


VertiClip SLF is available in one size for all stud depths with 1⅝” flanges.

* VertiClip SLF for use with 2” stud flanges can be made as a custom part.

VertiClip SLF Dimension
VertiClip® SLF, Recommended Allowable Load (lbs): F2
Stud F2 w/2 #12 screws
Thickness Mils (ga) Yield Strength (ksi)
43 (18) 33 281
43 (18) 50 326
54 (16) 50 465
68 (14) and up 50 632
Maximum Allowable Clip Load 632


  • Stud web crippling should be checked. Use 3½" bearing length and "Interior Reaction – one Flange", Condition 2, for the web crippling calculations except at end of stud use"End Reaction – one Flange", Condition 1.
  • Align rows of wall bridging so that one row of bridging falls within 12" from VertiClip SLF OR use one flat strap bracing on outer flange of studs to resist torsional effects.
  • Allowable loads have not been increased for wind, seismic, or other factors.
  • #12 screws are provided with each Step Bushing.
  • VertiClip SLF allows up to 1½" of vertical deflection (¾" up and ¾" down)

1 For LRFD Design Strengths contact TSN technical services.

Load Direction

VertiClip SLF Load Direction

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