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New Enhanced Seismic Curtain Wall Connections
For Seismic Design Categories D, E & F

Durham, North Carolina – February 7, 2013 - The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN) is proud to release a new “Heavy Duty” connection line designed to address construction and design challenges with seismic and other extreme loading conditions.  The new Heavy Duty (HD) additions for TSN’s VertiClip® and StiffClip® connection lines allow installers to connect curtain wall studs to the structure without the time and cost associated with the welding process,  while addressing the current seismic design requirements in ASCE 7-10 and California Building Code (CBC).  Both codes specifically restrict the use of power actuated fasteners (PAF’s) to attach curtain wall applications to their concrete structures, as follows:

ASCE 7-10, Section 13.4.5 - Power actuated fasteners in concrete or steel shall not be used for sustained tension loads or for brace applications in Seismic Design Categories D, E, or F unless approved for seismic loading. Power actuated fasteners in masonry are not permitted unless approved for seismic loading.

EXCEPTION: Power actuated fasteners in concrete used for support of acoustical tile or lay-in panel suspended ceiling applications and distributed systems where the service load on any individual fastener does not exceed 90 lb (400 N). Power actuated fasteners in steel where the service load on any individual fastener does not exceed 250 lb (1,112 N).

California Building Code-10 (CBC-10), Section 1911A.1.1 - Power actuated Fasteners. Power actuated fasteners qualified in accordance with ICC-ES AC 70 shall be deemed to satisfy the requirement of this section. Power actuated fasteners shall be permitted for seismic shear when they are specifically listed in the ICC-ES Report (ICC-ESR) for such service and for interior nonshear wall partitions. Power actuated fastener shall not be used to anchor exterior cladding or curtain wall systems.

TSN's VertiClip SLB-HD & StiffClip LB-HD can be utilized to connect exterior curtain wall studs, providing a strong connection to the concrete deck of the primary structure using either two ¼" concrete screw anchors or one ½" expansion anchor (VertiClip SLB- HD). The new HD connection lines not only meet the requirements for seismic design, but also reduce project time and overall cost savings.

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