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SigmaStud® is a breakthrough in the load-bearing steel stud industry, producing significant increases in load capacity when compared with conventional “C” Shaped studs. SigmaStud’s unique configuration provides installation and design advantages which create efficiencies no other light steel framing (LSF) load bearing wall stud can provide. Each bend made to a flat LSF element increases load capacity over a standard stud section with the same material thickness. The return lips present in SigmaStud® also increase capacity, delivering the most efficient LSF load-bearing stud member available.

Benefits That Add Value:

Weight Advantages

  • Lighter weight results in easier handling
  • Less weight results in shipping efficiencies

Fastener Efficiencies

  • Screw size decreases with thinner material thickness of member material
  • Larger flange width increases area for fasteners
  • Thinner material facilitates faster connections

Performance Improvements

  • Increases load capacity over similar standard “C-shaped” stud
  • Reduces overall materials used (14ga “C-shaped” to 18ga “SG” common)
  • May eliminate double studs and their attachments to each other

Engineering Advantages

  • Accurate axial load capacity tables (compatible with recent code changes)
  • Increased load capacity produces more cost-effective options for designing load bearing walls for clients
  • SigmaStud® re-defines previous limitations considered for utilization of steel studs in building construction