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Step Bushing Technology


All structures deflect vertically, potentially causing costly damage to the structure and their finishes. True friction-free connections are required to ensure this damage does not occur. The Steel Network's patented Step Bushing Technology® automatically creates the necessary gap for friction-free motion with no need to back out screws, providing installers with an easy-to-use connection. Step Bushings are pre-installed in TSN's VertiClip®, DriftClip® and DriftTrak® product lines to allow the structure to deflect while leaving the stud undamaged and connection intact, increasing productivity, reducing liability and increasing lifespan, because... It's What's Inside that Counts!

Step Bushing Technology® vs. Generic Angle
Factor Step Bushing Technology® Generic Angle
Attachment Step Bushing Offsets Clip from Stud Rigid Attachment (No Offset)
Movement Friction-free movement For Movement to Occur, Screw Needs to be backed out
Testing Structurally Load Tested (Meets ICC-ES AC261) If a screw is not firmly seated, load capacity is nullified
Code Approvals ICC-ESR-2049 issued for VertiClip® and DriftClip® No ICC-ES Report exists for clip angle
Material Composition TSN utilizes only mill-certified, 50ksi steel Unknown
Galvanized Coatings Each exterior VertiClip® & DriftClip® has G90 galvanized coating Unknown
Screw Placement Step Bushings are pre-installed in each clip No guide offered
Screw Type Rated screws are provided with each clip Contractor responsible for screw type used
Step Bushing Comparison