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Light Steel Framing Technical Data


The Steel Network continues to provide the industry with an extensive library of free cold-formed steel technical data. These technical documents were written by the industry’s top Engineering professionals and contain a comprehensive array of technical facts, data and methodology for cold-formed steel framing. Additionally, the light steel framing CAD, BIM, and Fire Rated details make product integration effortless, and our AIA specifications contain the most recent codes and standards while incorporating TSN's complete line of validated members and connectors. Also included in our technical data library is code-compliant testing reports (ICC ES-R and MEA), and SDS and LEED data sheets; these documents allow the designer and installer to comply with safety and environmental regulations through the specification and installation of TSN's quality light steel framing products. Lastly, it is critical to understand step-bushing technology and bridging requirements, as this delivers invaluable knowledge on how The Steel Network's cold-formed steel connectors save labor and protect liability.