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Cold Formed Metal Framing - CFMF Architectural Specifications

These standard AIA Architectural Specifications for CFMF include a number of simplified solutions to provide additional options relative to labor savings for the contractor. Since these specifications reflect current codes and standards, while containing validated cold formed steel framing products, it will serve as a protection of liability to adopt these featured specifications.

In an effort to continue to provide the industry with superior technical support for cold formed steel framing, know our Technical Support Team is readily available to review and assist in the updating of your firm’s specification. TSN’s specification review service is complimentary, and will provide the project with superior cold-formed steel framing product options and solutions.   


5400 Section 05400: Cold Formed Metal Framing (CFMF)

54000 Section 054000: Cold Formed Metal Framing (CFMF)

9260 Section 074000: Cladding Support System

9111 Section 09111: Non-Load Bearing Steel Framing

92216 Section 092216: Non-Load Bearing Steel Framing

9260 Section 09260: Gypsum Board Assemblies