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Custom Cold Formed
Steel (CFS) Connector

"Go-To Light Steel Framing Manufacturer for Custom Connectors."

At The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN), we do custom cold formed steel connections like no one else. Our agile manufacturing processes allow us to create custom products on a daily basis without disrupting operations. We can work with you every step of the way, from looking at the Engineering details and figuring out what kind of clip you need, to fabricating your custom steel clip based on your specifications. We can even do load testing should you require it. If you can dream it, we can probably make it.

Example Customization Available:

  • Angles, steel connectors, shields, clips, brackets, lintels, corner guards, and more!
  • Place TSN's patented Step Bushings anywhere in clip slots for friction free movement
  • Solve problems in new or retrofit construction
  • Pre-punch holes in clips for fastener efficiency
  • Ability to manufacture any shape, angle pitch, or slope
  • Any thickness up to & including 10ga (118mil)
  • Mill certified, traceable materials
  • Stainless steel option
  • Structural testing available
  • Competitive costs

*Load testing for custom clips is available for a fee upon request.

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