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Free Light Steel Framing
Design Assist Service

Think of the Design Assist Service as one step below shop drawings. The purpose is to show you how to complete your Metal Stud Framing job faster, lighter, and more efficiently.

We can do anything from optimizing only the openings and clip connections, to redesigning the entire load bearing mid-rise steel frame system. Each design assist is tailored to your needs.

Maybe you have a job that has our products specified, but you aren’t quite certain how our metal studs or steel clips will fit with various components on the plans. The design assist is a perfect tool to provide clarity, and clearly explain how the entire steel structure will work together.

*Note, it is not recommended to order off of the Design Assist, as some assumptions are made.


What does TSN’s Design Assistance Service Provide?


TSN will partner with the project team to recommend the best solutions to fit project conditions. Our services apply at any point in the project; from the Architect, Engineer of Record, General Contractor, Sub-Contractor, Specialty Engineer (Shop Drawer), to the Distributor.

Light Steel Framing Loadbearing Wall Stud Schedule

Budgeting/Cost Certainty:

TSN’s expertise may enable over-budgeted projects to meet budget and may also provide substantial savings to projects already within a posted budget. TSN’s DA services have provided significant savings in the metal stud wall system, reduced foundation requirements/cost, and accelerated construction schedules.


The project design team is empowered to determine the best wall, shear wall, foundation, floor, and roof systems for the project.

Light Steel Framing Loadbearing Wall Schedule
Light Steel Framing Shear Wall Schedule


TSN's DA services often result in accelerated construction schedules with a reduction in subcontractors required on a project, which, in turn, saves resources.

How Do We Do it?

Light Steel Framing Connection Detail

Clips / Connectors:

  • Guide holes are provided for fast and accurate connections
  • Bushings come taped into place to ensure quick screw placement
  • Clips handle higher loads than industry standard allowing customer to use less clips
  • Products engineered to require minimal screws and installation time

Members / Studs:

  • TSN's SigmaStud® for mid-rise construction is a breakthrough in load-bearing steel studs, producing significant increases in load-bearing capacity due to its “Sigma” shape.
    • SigmaStud carries up to 40% more vertical load than a Standard C Stud, making it the strongest metal stud on the market.
    • SigmaStud carries up to 30% more vertical load than Concrete Masonry Units (CMU), resulting in it being 20-30% more economical than CMU.
    • Due to its increased strength to weight ratio, SigmaStud can significantly reduce foundation requirements.
  • PrimeJoist® minimizes or eliminates the use of built-up joist sections in floor assemblies.
  • JamStud® minimizes built-up materials at jambs and headers.
Member Strength to Weight Advantage
Light Steel Framing Shear Wall Detail

Lateral Bracing / Shear Walls:

  • StiffWall® saves materials and labor versus conventional “cee” stud assemblies.
  • Columns come preassembled for faster installation.
  • Boot connectors are available in multiple sizes to fit project conditions.
  • Significantly less screws & no welding required for installation.
  • Simplified design makes installation and inspection easier.

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