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Fire Rated Details

Building codes continue to recognize cold-formed steel as “noncombustible”, making it a very attractive choice for structures that have fire-resistance standards.  For buildings that require a fire wall, a wall designed to reduce the spread of fire, cold-formed steel offers optimal safety and code compliance. Fire walls have a specific code-mandated fire-resistance rating, which classifies the wall’s ability at the head of wall assembly to confine and isolate the fire for a given length of time.  Fire rated HW-D details for head of wall assemblies are identified in the UL® Fire Resistance Directory, which can be found at the Underwriters Laboratories website www.ul.com.  

The Steel Network is dedicated to producing the highest quality cold-formed steel members and connectors. Libraries of light steel framed fire-rated HW-D listings for US and Canada have been made available to provide designers and contractors with easy access to the UL® fire-resistance ratings that apply to TSN’s products. Five of The Steel Network’s product lines are approved for use in UL® Classified Head of Wall Assemblies: VertiClip® SLD and DSLD; and VertiTrack® VTD, VTX, and VT. 

UL Certified Light-Gauge Framing for USA
UL Certified Light-Gauge Framing for Canada