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Protective Design Consultation
for Blast & Progressive Collapse Requirements

Let Us Help You Navigate Protective Design Requirements

Protective design requirements for federal and private construction projects are continuously evolving. The Steel Network, Inc. through its subsidairy Applied Science International, LLC (ASI) now offers a new complimentatry Protective Design Consultation Service, to help provide TSN customers with a basic review of their blast and progressive collapse requirements they have on their light steel framing project and provide recommendations on how to most economically address them.

Due to time and budget constraints structural engineers performing traditional design for blast, progressive collapse, and impact have been limited by prescriptive code requirements and design tools to that look at simplified structural components.  The result has been the need to use factors of safety to make up for the simplification to ensure structural integrity. This causes over-designed, more expensive structures.

With ASI’s Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) software, ASI engineers are capable of studying the whole structure together as a complete structural system (walls, floors, columns, steel studs, x-braced shear walls, beams, foundations, etc.) with a full 3-D nonlinear dynamic analysis.  This performance based design approach results is overall reductions in material required to meet project requirements and significant cost savings that is passed along to the customer.

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