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1 = Deflection Exceeds L/120
2 = Deflection Exceeds L/240
3 = Deflection Exceeds L/360
6 = Deflection Exceeds L/600
7 = Deflection Exceeds L/720
If not noted, deflection is less than L/720

Important Notes:

  • Allowable loads are based on weak axis and torsional bracing at 48" o.c. maximum for axial load calculation and continuous support of each flange for flexural calculation.
  • Sections are punched with a standard punch-out 1.5" wide located along the centerline of the web 24" o.c.
  • Allowable loads are based on checks for punched section under axial load, flexural, and shear conditions.
  • Weak axis and torsional bracing should have sufficient stiffness and strength to resist the axial load.
  • Lateral loads are multiplied by 0.7 for deflection determination. Lateral and axial loads have not been modified for strength checks.
  • Strength increase due to cold forming is incorporated in calculating allowable loads as per AISI Specification Sec. A7.2.
  • Contact The Steel Network if web crippling capacity values of SigmaStud® are required to check lateral end reactions.
  • Loads in tables are in kips/stud.
  • 5 PSF is classified as live transverse loads, not wind loads, per 2006 IBC, Section 1607.13