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 Step Bushing Technology

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 VertiClips SLD, SL, SLB, SLS, and SLT have been issued an ICC-ES Report. (ICC-ESR-1903)

An ICC-ES Evaluation Report for DriftClip® DSLB, DSLS, DSL, DriftTrak®, DTSLB, and DTSL is available. (ICC-ESR-2049)


A Los Angeles Research Report for VertiClip® SLD, SL, SLB, SLS, and SLT Series is available. Refer to LARR #25631.

A Los Angeles Research Report for DriftClip® DSLD, DSL, DSLB, DSLS, DriftTrak DTSL and DTSLB Series is available. Refer to LARR #25781.


 Step Bushing Comparison

Step Bushing Technology

  • Step Bushing Offsets Clip from Stud
  • Friction-Free Structural Deflection
  • Code-Compliant Load Rated Attachments

Generic Clip Angle

  • Rigid Attachment (No Offset)
  • For Movement to Occur, Screw Needs to be backed out
  • If Screw is Backed Out, Screw Load Capacity Values are Nullified

Factor Step Bushing Technology Generic Angle
Movement Friction-free movement Rigid attachment (unless screw is backed out)
Testing Structurally Load Tested (Meets ICC-ES AC261) If a screw is not firmly seated, load capacity is nullified
Code Approvals ICC-ESR-1903 issued for VertiClip® No ICC-ES Report exists for clip angle
Material Composition TSN utilizes only mill-certified, 50ksi steel Unknown
Galvanized Coatings Each exterior VertiClip® and DriftClip® has a G90 galvanized coating Unknown
Screw Placement Step Bushings are pre-installed in each clip No guide offered
Screw Type Rated screws are provided with each clip Contractor responsible for screw type used