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TSN's Newest Light Steel Framing Products


DriftTrak® Headed Stud - Embedded Track

DriftTrak® Headed Stud saves the time and expense of installing DriftTrak after the concrete slab has been poured, by integrating it directly into the slab before pouring. The headed studs come preinstalled to the DriftTrak and function as the attachment to the slab instead of welding to the pour stop angle and use of PAF's or anchors. Once concrete is poured, the DriftTrak is ready to support exterior steel framing using any DriftTrak Bypass clip (DTSLB-HD or DTLB-HD) to accommodate vertical deflection and lateral drift requirements or provide a rigid attachment to the floor slab.

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StiffClip® PLC - Panel Lift Clip

The StiffClip® PLC assists with lifting and placing assembled wall panels with an overhead crane.  Clip attaches to stud within panel with approved fasteners, extending through the top track to allow cables to be threaded through the large hole, and the assembled panel to be safely lifted into place.

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StiffClip® HS- Header/Sill Connector

The StiffClip® HS series is used when connecting headers or sills to jambs. StiffClip HS transfers horizontal loads from the header to the jamb while incorporating a shelf leg for alignment of the JamStud header during installation. StiffClip HS is designed to be used with a single TSN JamStud with a 2.5", 3" or 3.5" flange as the header or sill member.

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PrimeJoist® - Steel Joist

PrimeJoist® is a revolutionary addition to the light gauge steel construction industry, producing significant economies in both design and installation when compared with conventional “C” Shaped joists. PrimeJoist’s unique configuration delivers increased strength and stiffness, minimizing or eliminating the use of built-up joist sections in floor assemblies.

Available in all common floor joist depths, PrimeJoist streamlines the design and construction process. PrimeJoist’s shape is easily differentiated from the typical c-shape, enabling the selection of the most optimal member sizes to fit project conditions.

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ThermaFast® Continuous Rigid Insulation Framing System - Pre-Engineered Framing System to Support Weight of Rigid Insulation, Cladding Material, and Wind Loads

Recent changes to the Energy Conservation Code and ASHRAE Standard 90.1 now requires the installation of continuous rigid insulation to the outside of exterior metal stud walls.  Existing products lacked sufficient methods for installing rigid insulation and exterior finishes safely and efficiently.

TSN’s ThermaFast® provides the industry with a faster, engineered solution for the design & installation of continuous rigid foam insulation.  It is composed of three sections Corner Angle, J-Track, Z-Track with an engagement feature that eliminates the need to screw through the foam insulation.  These components are available in a number of sizes and thicknesses depending on the intended exterior finishes.

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MasterClip® VLB - Accomodates Both Vertical Deflection and Rigid Connection in a Bypass Conditions

MasterClip® VLB is the absolute first of its kind, having the ONLY self-contained, breakaway bushings on the market to ensure optimum installation and performance of the connector. It is designed to simplify your ordering and installation processes by incorporating two products in one with its integrated bushings, for vertical deflection, and guide holes for optional rigid connection. There is no reason to improvise on the jobsite, because MasterClip will adapt to your condition.

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DriftTrak® DTLB - Accomodates Lateral Drift

DriftTrak® DTLB is designed to provide flexibility of attachment of wall panels to structure. DriftTrak DTLB can accommodate lateral movement or horizontal tolerance in a bypass attachment condition.

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StiffClip® HE(S) - Use with Single Member Headers!

StiffClip® HE(S) is designed to be used with a single TSN JamStud as the header member.  The StiffClip HE(S) is similar in design and thickness to StiffClip HE(H), but has a shorter height (3.5” for HE(S) versus 6” for HE(H)) to match the height of a single-piece header.

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BuckleBridge Wall Bridging

BuckleBridge® - Wall bridging installation as easy as Snap, Click & Done!

BuckleBridge® provides a solid wall stud bridging system to resist weak axis buckling and torsional rotation of members in load bearing wall and curtain wall applications.

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VertiClip SLB-HD

VertiClip® SLB-HD - For Seismic Design Categories D, E & F

For bypass connections that do not allow PAF's TSN's VertiClip® SLB-HD can be utilized to connect wall studs, bypassing the building structure, utilizing either two ¼" concrete screws or one ½" expansion anchors.

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StiffClip LB-HD
StiffClip® LB-HD - For Seismic Design Categories D, E & F

For bypass connections that do not allow PAF's TSN's VertiClip® SLB-HD can be utilized to connect wall studs, bypassing the building structure, two ¼" concrete screws.

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