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TSN Value Engineering

The Steel Network redefines value engineering opportunities when framing with Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) systems.CFS is proven to reduce overall costs and accelerate construction schedules, while meeting building code requirements.

What does TSN’s Value Engineering Service Provide?


TSN will partner with the project team to recommend the best solutions to fit project conditions. Our services apply at any point in the project; from the Architect, Engineer of Record, General Contractor, Sub-Contractor, Specialty Engineer (Shop Drawer), to the Distributor.Each member of the team can partner with TSN to determine the best course of action for the project.

Budgeting/Cost Certainty:

TSN’s expertise may enable over-budgeted projects to meet budget, and may also provide substantial savings to projects already within a posted budget. TSN’s VE services have provided significant savings in the wall system as well as in the secondary systems, such as foundations.


The project design team is empowered to determine the best foundation, floor, and roof systems for the project.


TSN’s VE services often result in accelerated construction schedules which, in turn, save resources.

  • Lower overall project costs
  • Material cost savings in the wall system
  • Reduced foundation requirements and cost
  • Accelerated construction schedules
  • Fewer subcontractors on the job
  • Satisfied Developers, Contractors, Structural Engineers and Architects
TSN’s value engineering consulting services are available at no charge to the project team and include the following:
  • Plan Reviews
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Specification Reviews
  • Project Recommendations
  • Final Construction Documents Details
  • Referral to Experienced Shop Drawer
  • Blast Resistant Cold-Formed Steel Assembly Expertise
  • Extensive Experience with Progressive Collapse Requirements
Value of Steel Framing Products Value of Steel Framing Products

TSN’s experience includes thousands of projects nationwide.  It is our goal to facilitate the most cost-effective approach to using CFS on your project.  

Connection Solution
  • TSN provides engineered connections for all applications of light steel framing.
  • Products are manufactured from 50ksi, mill-certified steel.
  • Guide holes are provided for fast and accurate connections.
  • VertiClip® is the only vertical deflection exterior clip series with an ICC-ES Report.
  • DriftClip® and DriftTrak® are ICC-Evaluated for both vertical deflection and lateral drift.
  • The StiffClip® series provide load tested solutions for rigid attachments.
  • TSN provides several effective choices for wall bridging, including BridgeClip®, BridgeBar®, and BuckleBridge®.
  • SigmaStud® is the most advanced mid-rise construction method available.
  • SigmaStud® is 20-30% more economical than CMU.
  • Greater construction efficiencies are obtained using SigmaStud® vs. conventional light gauge construction / design.
  • JamStud® minimizes built-up materials at jambs and headers.
Lateral Bracing Systems (Shear Walls)
  • StiffWall® saves materials and labor versus conventional “cee” stud assemblies.
  • Boot connectors are available in multiple sizes to fit project conditions.
  • Simplified installation and inspection